Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
A-frame Cabin Mix

This piece was inspired by the many styles of A-frame cabins in Whistler, BC.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Hecklefest Crankworx

The artist’s home of Whistler is a mountain biking wonderland. Every year, the world’s largest mountain biking festival is held at the resort: Crankworx Whistler. Heckler’s Rock became an annual tradition to cheer on racers. This piece celebrates the good years on the rock, before its enthusiasm became a little too much.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Whistler Backcountry

This piece was prompted by a 1983 photo from the Whistler Museum and Archives’ Whistler Question Collection, a collection Alyssa worked on cataloguing and digitizing as an archivist.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Pemberton Train Gap

Provoking awe at the sheer adrenaline required to complete this famous mountain bike jump over the train tracks near Pemberton, BC, this piece is based on the feat and resulting photo of fellow Whistlerite Jonathan Webb.

Pen and ink on Fabriano Paper
Camping in the Mountains

This piece involves beloved elements of West Coast living: camping, black bears, mountains, and an endless sky of stars.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Utah Mountain Biking

Completed as a commission, this piece commemorates a forever memorable mountain biking trip to Utah, where the unique terrain makes for great riding.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Polar Bear Inukshuk

This Canadiana piece is inspired by the Nanookshuk statues created by artist Charles Johnston, which can be found scattered around the Legistlative Building area in Winnipeg, MB.

Pen and ink on Fabriano paper
Brandywine Bobcat

One of Alyssa’s favourite mountain animals, this bobcat sports the iconic Brandywine Falls cascading from his woodsy brow.

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