Snowline Art is… Alyssa Bruijns

Alyssa Bruijns is a Canadian adventurer who brings stunning natural landscapes to the world of pen and ink through her work under the name Snowline Art. With fine-point ink pens, she prefers using clean, free-hand lines, dotwork, and delicate details in order to bring her passions to paper.

Focusing on themes such as environmental preservation, Canadian landscapes, wildlife, mountain sports, and mountain culture, her home in Whistler, BC inspires her inked creations. On her outings mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and travelling, she shoots many of her own reference photographs using both film and digital cameras, although she also will work with provided reference photographs for commissions.

Using black Copic Multiliner ink pens on Fabriano watercolour paper, Alyssa looks to create contrast in each element of her drawings, allowing natural features to stand out from their backgrounds. This is in an effort to evoke, in the viewer’s eyes, a sense of drama and sublime awe that one feels when engaging with nature, the outdoors, and sights and activities that inspire passion.

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